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Observations and Records

The Eurobodalla Natural History Society encourages the collection of information on nature present in the Shire.  Record-keeping is an important part of understanding the nature that surrounds us as it establishes a basis for systematic observation.  Members who wish to participate in this aspect of the society’s activities fill out an Avian and Non-Avian Observation Record Sheet, and mail it to the Recorder each month.  The information is entered into a database, and every two months highlights are published in the Newsletter so that everyone is informed.  At the end of each year, all records are summarised in the publication Nature in Eurobodalla.  Records cover an area from Durras in the north, to Wallaga Lake in the south, and west to the Deua Valley and Belowra.

This systematic collection of members’ observations provides a sound basis for identifying new species to the Eurobodalla.  For example, many first records of species in the Shire have been identified, including a number of bird species which have extended their range and are now here permanently, such as the Crested Pigeon, White-headed Pigeon, Little Corella, Australasian Figbird and Eastern Koel.  Records for the Bent-wing Ghost Moth (Zelotypia stacyi) were provided to the CSIRO, confirming a new southern limit for the species.

Information on the status of threatened species is also collected and reported to the relevant authorities – for instance, Swift Parrot and Regent Honeyeater.  The presence of the Square-tailed Kite, and the forest owls, Powerful, Barking, Masked and Sooty, are monitored.  Members have worked with the National Parks and Wildlife Service in surveying Greater Glider populations south of the Moruya River.

For more information on the database or how to participate please contact Julie Morgan on 0457 637 227 or click here to email.

You can download the Observation Record Forms by clicking the following links, the size of the files are indicated once you click.

Avian Record Form 2020

Non-avian Record Form


Unusual records are reported using an Unusual Records Report Form which is included below.

ENHS Unusual Record Report


Annotated fauna lists of the Eurobodalla are included in the links below:

Annotated Bird list of the Eurobodalla

Annotated Reptile list of the Eurobodalla