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Miscellaneous Sightings at Broulee in March 2017

I am always out on the beach for sunrise and so are the wrens

17-03-1blue-wren-f-at-sunrise-north-broulee-5 17-03-1blue-wren-f-calling-at-sunrise-north-broulee

An unusual reflection of the Mangrove Heron.

17-03-2mangrove-heron-candlagan-creek-2 17-03-2mangrove-heron-candlagan-creek-4

The White Faced is fishing,then cranky and then has a bad "hair" day.

17-03-3white-faced-heron-1-candlagan-creek 17-03-3white-faced-heron-2-squawking-candlagan-creek 17-03-3white-faced-heron-fishing-candlagan-creek-3

In the second photo is the usual view you get of the Southern Emu Wren ie flying through the reeds.

17-03-4southern-emu-wren-m-candlagan-creek-2 17-03-4southern-emu-wren-flying-candlagan-creek

Some other birds.

17-03-5spotted-dove-broulee-1 17-03-6whip-bird-nth-broulee-3 17-03-7rainbow-lorikeet-broulee-4

Fungi starting with an Earthstar.

17-03-earthstar-candlagan-creek 17-03-fungus-grey-candlagan-ck-1 17-03-fungus-red-candlagan-ck-1

Some spiders.

17-03-spider-broulee-2 dscn0080 dscn0083

I don't know what this is but it was in the green bin.

dscn9839 dscn9840