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A crested penguin

The head of what appears to be a crested penguin has been found near the beach at Mystery Bay.  The crest is quite obvious and is a pale yellow colour.  The three-part bill, which is typical of these species, is, although damaged, quite diagnostic.  The bill is 5 cms in length and the overall head length is 11.5cm.  There has been much consultation amongst members and our feeling is that it most likely a Fiordland Penguin.  There have been very few sightings of this species in NSW and only one previous record for Eurobodalla in 1994.  We would appreciate any help in making a more definite identification of this unfortunate bird, and how it may have met its fate.  Please contact the recorder or click here to email.


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  1. JulieM | November 1, 2011 at 8:46 am | Permalink

    Ken Simpson has tentatively identified the head as belonging to either a Fiordland or Snares Penguin.

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