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Interesting sightings

There have been a number of sightings of Baillon's Crake around the Eurobodalla.  At least 8 at the Batemans Bay Water Gardens, 2 at the Eurobodalla Botanic Gardens and 6 at Cooper's Island.  Also a female Red-capped Robin at Batemans Bay Water Gardens.  Dry conditions inland often means interesting sightings on the coast.

Eastern Osprey nest on Budd Island, Batemans Bay

The nesting activity of a pair of Eastern Osprey at Batemans Bay has attracted the attention of the Conservation Officer for BirdLife Australia Shoalhaven.  Nesting of this species south of Sydney is unusual, nesting on a natural structure even more so.  Chris visited the nest in June and captured these photos of the pair despite […]

Painted Honeyeater

Report of 2 Painted Honeyeater with migrating Yellow-faced and White-naped Honeyeater at Batemans Bay this morning, from Dimitris Bertzeletos.

Pink-eared Ducks at Shark Bay

Helen Ransom took this photo at Shark Bay.  An unusual species at this location.

Brou Lake

Brou Lake seems to be where all the shorebird action is this year.  A trip out there with Dimitris, Megan and Geoff on the 30th of December resulted in the following list: 40 Bar-tailed Godwit 42 Red Knot 10 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper 60 Red-necked Stint More than 100 Red-capped Plover, many runners and juveniles 3 Ruddy […]

Swift Parrot records

Two very late records of Swift Parrots from the south coast. A pair were reported at Coolagolite by Brian Lewin on December 7, and a group were heard at Tura Beach by N&A Hayes on November 4.

Cullendulla Creek sightings

I spotted this Pied Oystercatcher sporting two leg bands at Cullendulla Creek today, One leg band indicates that this may be a visitor from New Zealand. The other band is hard to read other but you can make out 01-3 This Grey-Tailed Tattler was also at Cullendulla today.

Male Olive Whistler on Gulaga

Walked up Gulaga on Saturday with a couple of friends and we were lucky enough to get a good view of a male Olive Whistler.  It was on the ground and at first we thought it may have been a Pilotbird.  It posed briefly for a photo before flying into the thick shrubs next to […]

Regent Honeyeater in the Eurobodalla

Great news!!! While I was out with Dimitris doing Swift Parrot surveys today, we heard 2 Regent Honeyeater calling on Big Bit Rd in Boyne State Forest. I contacted Dean Ingwersen from Birdlife Australia and he was very excited as there have only been 5 reported from the entire east coast over the past 2 […]

Osprey and Swift Parrot update

The pair of osprey were on their tree on Budd Island this afternoon. Not much change in the size of the nest.   Great news on the Swift Parrot front – 100 plus birds off Tomboye Rd Boyne State Forest this afternoon. Looks like they have arrived!!