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Bimbimbie Road Field Trip 24 September 2017

The Group The Birds   The Bush The Butterfly

Bodalla State Forest Field Trip 9 September 2017

The Group The Birds The Bush       The Insect

Miscellaneous Sightings in September

Broulee Birds                  Barlings Swamp     Other     Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Gardens    

Miscellaneous Sightings in August

Sunrise at Broulee Sunrise at Mossy Point    Broulee    Tomakin       Budd Island             

Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Gardens August 2017


Mullimburra Point Field Trip 12 August 2017

The views     The Group The Elkhorns      The Birds        

Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Gardens July 2017

The Whip Bird I followed this bird for quite a while and somehow got away with a lot of photos. Wrens     Yellow Robins Other Birds Swarming Ants    

Wasp Head Field Trip 23 July 2017

The Group The Seascape and bush The Birds             

South Head and Pedros Point Field Trip 8 July 2017

The group The Seals The Seascape The Birds      

Miscellaneous Sightings for July 2017

Birds at Mossy Point     Pelican chasing sea gulls away from fish at Mossy Point   Seagulls Fishing at Mossy Point   Corellas Shopping at Woollies at Batemans Bay  Pelicans, Rainbow, Stingray, Seagull and Willie Wagtail at Tomakin   Broulee Runnyford Bridge