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Birds recycling

Ann photograpahed a nest very high in a spotted gum and upon magnifying the photo, could see that the tail of the occupant was that of a Wonga Pigeon.  However, it was not a typical pigeon's nest  To me it looked like the nest of a chough.  We did a little resaerch and learnt that […]

Unusual sightings

In Moruya Woolworths last week, we saw a Rufous Fantail attempting to exit the store, but each time the doors opened, the bird was driven back by the entering shopper.  We asked the store staff if they would please lock the doors open, which they agreed to do.  They believed that the fantail had entered […]

Wagonga Inlet

Ann and I visited Wagonga Inlet in Narooma, hoping to find some unusual terns that I had seen a few days earlier.  (They were smaller than Crested, larger than Little, red bill, forked tail – Artic fits the description).  Didn't find the terns, but saw an Osprey.  Returning today in search of the Osprey, we didn't see it, […]

Lyrebird nest in “suburbia”

  I was shown this Lyrebird nest in Kianga recently.  It was constructed on the protruding ledge of a concrete water tank which forms the foundation of a cabin.  The owner of the property has seen the female's tail sticking out from amongst the nesting material.  The property adjoins bush-land and the bird regularly visits […]

Butterfly in Mystery Bay

  Ann Christiansen photographed this Blue Tiger butterfly in Mystery Bay.  Unfortunately it was dead.  Neither of us has seen this species before.

Yellow-billed Spoonbill

There was a single Yellow-billed Spoonbill at Turlinjah on Saturday 25th on the eastern pond north of the bridge.  Nearby was a group of about 12 Royal Spoonbills, as well as a Black Swan on her nest, along with many Teal and Coot.

Noisy Pitta at Wallaga Lake

I was alerted to the presence of Noisy Pitta on Eremaea Birdlines – at least two Pitta were seen near the Wallaga Lake board-walk on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th July.  Almost unbelievable and incredibly exciting!!  Richard Nipperess and I visited the area this afternoon and were lucky enough to see two, and possibly three Noisy […]


Two Pink-eared Duck still at Trunketabella this afternoon. And a large flock of Australian Shovellers at Bevian Swamp.  (Unfortunately we couldn't find any Plumed Whislting ducks, which were reported at Bevian on Eremaea Birdlines.)

Trunketabella waterbirds

After yesterday's field meeting in the Bodalla State Forest (Tebbs and Armatage Roads), I headed up to Trunketabella to see whether I could be lucky enough to see the Pink-eared Ducks – and yes, there they were co-operatively paddling around in a sunny part of the dam near the dairy.  And they were in the company […]

Currawong egg

I found this intact egg in the forest at Mystery Bay in an area where Channel-billed Cuckoos have been heard calling in recent weeks.  I suspect that the egg has been ejected from a Currawong's nest by a Cuckoo.  I referred to Beruldsen's book of nests and eggs, and this is my best guess.