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Bogola Head

A few photographs from today's Eurobodalla Natural History Society field trip to Bogola Head    

Coila Creek Outing

A few photographs from yesterday's Coila Creek outing. The first two are unmistakable, White-bellied Sea-Eagle and Peregrine Falcon. The third, I am informed by those who know, is a Golden-headed Cisticola. The photograph is not the best but if I recall correctly it did have a call something like this recording of a Golden-headed Cisticola […]

Cullendulla Creek sightings

I spotted this Pied Oystercatcher sporting two leg bands at Cullendulla Creek today, One leg band indicates that this may be a visitor from New Zealand. The other band is hard to read other but you can make out 01-3 This Grey-Tailed Tattler was also at Cullendulla today.

Ospery nest site visit

     I drove to the end of Lattas Point Rd today and think I located the site on Budd Island that the Ospreys may be building a nest but I did not observe any nest building activity. However I did manage to get a few photographs including one of both birds perched in the […]

Surfside birdbath camera October 2015

It was too wet to go out today so I found time to compile a video of the birds that have visited our birdbath over the last few weeks. This is the link:  


I was eating breakfast on the deck this morning when the Rainbow Lorikeets started making more noise than usual. This was the cause:     Here is a link to a video clip: Is does not look like a Brushtail Possum to me, it a glider?

In search of the illusive Topknot pigeon

A snap form Saturday's field frip to Flying Fox Road:

Brown Cuckoo-Dove

I don’t know how common the Brown Cuckoo-Dove is in Eurobodalla but it is new to me. This one appeared in our garden this morning and flew onto the verandah to have a closer look at us.


Surfside bird bath visitors

During July and August I set up a trail camera near the bird bath in our garden. During that time it recorded over 4000 images and I have created a video of the more interesting images which can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

Robber Fly

  Someone mentioned seeing a Giant Robber Fly during the Maloneys Beach meeting on Saturday. I took this photograph of a robber fly in January, I don't know if it is a Giant Robber Fly but it looked pretty big to me. Roman