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Male Olive Whistler on Gulaga

Walked up Gulaga on Saturday with a couple of friends and we were lucky enough to get a good view of a male Olive Whistler.  It was on the ground and at first we thought it may have been a Pilotbird.  It posed briefly for a photo before flying into the thick shrubs next to […]

A test

Test of a mac computer post – a photo of a Brushtail Possum taken by a night camera.

Green Catbird

A Green Catbird juvenile was seen at the Kianga Rainforest on Saturday February 12, the first Field Meeting of 2011.  This photograph was the best I could manage given the bird’s position and the poor light.

Cicadabird chick

Just an update to an earlier post, the Cicadabird nest at Congo has a chick.  Gillian, Janet and I watched as the female adult fed the chick with a grub and insects.  She then sat on the nest for a little while before taking off to find more food.

Pied Oystercatchers

Mandy and Ann counted 50 Pied Oystercatchers at Wallaga Lake on 5 February. A visitor from Queensland photographed around 42 in a group.


This Glasswing butterfly was seen at Pedro Swamp in January.  I have looked through past records and it seems that the species has not been previously reported in the Eurobodalla. 

Interesting waders at Tuross

Patti Parker has sent through photos of a Broad-billed Sandpiper and a Greater Sand Plover.  They have been at southern end of the entrance to the Tuross Lake for about a week.

Nesting Cicadabird

This photo of a female Cicadabird on the nest was taken by a visitor, Megan Griffith.  Many of us saw both the female and male Cicadabird at Congo near where the Regent Honeyeaters were feeding.  On Tuesday January 4, Michael Guppy noticed the female returning to the same spot in the ironbark and we watched […]

Regent Honeyeater

Neil Montgomery has reported 3 Regent Honeyeaters in the coastal forest just near the Congo-Bingie Dreaming Track.  There are two adult birds and a juvenile.  They are feeding on the flowers of Coast Grey Box, Forest Red Gum and Blackbutt.  Mike Crowley took this photo of one of the adults.

Cryptostylis leptochila

The Cryptostylis orchids are now starting to flower at Pedro Swamp.  The more common Cryptostylis subulata and C. erecta have been joined this year by C. leptochila.